Strategic Services

CGC draws from our extensive backgrounds in investment banking, law, and corporate management to create opportunities for our clients in the financial market to build share value. We maximize the value of our clients’ standing as a public company to help them achieve their plan for growth.

  • Financing: Assist clients through the various stages of the capital raising process within the context of being an IR firm. CGC has the benefit of working with global financing sources of all sizes, both in the equity and debt markets. In the current marketplace, where small capital raises are unattractive to many bankers, we have made a specialty in assisting clients in obtaining various amounts of capital needs.
  • Strategic Relationships: Very often, we are able to provide our clients with various strategic opportunities to enhance their company. Our network of global contacts provides our clients with business plans, board memberships, acquisitions, global joint-venture partners, and strategic business opportunities. All these lead to improved valuations.
  • Pre & Post-IPO Services for Private Companies: CGC has assisted leading private companies in their growth by providing many of the same services offered to our public clients. Our services extend to those company’s that intend to remain private and those that are seriously considering going public. Our “turn-key” approach includes: identifying public vehicles and financing sources, conference participation, media coverage, and general introductions to decision makers in the financial community.