Stock Support/Liquidity

An appropriate valuation for your company’s stock provides the currency for growth and fulfills responsibility to shareholders. Investors today are offered a wide range of opportunities to invest in undervalued companies. This creates a need for emerging companies to be proactive in obtaining investors to ensure a premium valuation. The type of investor, and the approach used to identify them, very much determines the quality of the investment professionals that a company will attract. At CGC, we use researched-based strategies and our extensive proprietary database to target an appropriate audience of investors.   We aim to get liquidity from a diverse group of buyers, a healthy mix to support a company through adverse trends that may exist in one sector or another.

A major goal of our program is positioning our clients as premier “Thought Leaders” in their respective industry. This type of leadership image has proven time and time again to attract sustainable, high-quality investors. In addition, providing stock support in both crisis management and other major event situations, such as stock-splits and uplistings on exchanges, is also an important role that we play for our clients.

CGC provides each client with a customized calendar of events designed to maximize management’s time including:

  • -Teach-In Events – Educating an audience of prequalified investors, analysts, writers, and other strategic parties about your company.
  • -Conferences – Targeting appropriate conferences for our clients and in obtaining invitations to and participation in various financial and industry events.
  • -Road Shows – One-on-one meetings between management and key, prescreened investors. We focus on our client’s strengths, as well as strategic market research, in determining the geographic location of these events. Additionally, we utilize our relationships with major financial firms who provide “non-deal” roadshow opportunities where they showcase our clients to their investors.