Global Services

At CGC we recognize the importance of providing our clients with global access to investors, media, and other financial services. Our substantial database of proprietary contacts in major financial capitals such as Zurich, Geneva, London, Frankfurt, and Milan, provides our clients with an unmatched opportunity to expand their shareholder base overseas and share their message with a global audience. These opportunities are provided through international road-shows and media outreach.

CGC’s global expertise has been substantially enhanced through our extensive experience with emerging companies across five continents. Unlike other IR firms who market their “China” and other international clients based solely on their geographic location, CGC considers both location and industry. We provide extensive sector coverage, which ensures increased visibility and exposure for our clients.

CGC has dedicated, bilingual, in-house specialists that focus on a wide-range of emerging global segments such as China & South America. All of our global clients receive our full array of services, including: branding, media relations, stock support/liquidity, and strategic services. We also manage the day-to-day needs of our international clients (e.g. press releases, fact sheets, conference calls) with the ability to provide these services in multiple languages.