Strong and consistent branding is a fundamental aspect of your company’s identity and is essential in order to have an edge in an increasingly competitive market. A strong brand not only conveys to customers and investors what to expect from your company’s products/services, but also represents your principles, goals, and vision.  

CGC provides you with the tools to develop, strengthen, and present your company’s brand to the financial markets. We believe that consistent strategic branding leads to strong brand equity and added value brought to your products/services. We carefully coordinate our branding efforts with other product and industry-related marketing and PR initiatives. CGC’s branding team strives to create a positive image for our clients in order to obtain real and sustainable investors, which will ultimately lead to improved liquidity and stock support.

Highlights of our branding program include:

-Development of corporate identity

-Rebranding services

-Fact sheets

-PowerPoint development & revision

-Case studies


-Website reviews and development