About Us

Cooper Global Communications (CGC)
is a New York-based, full-service investor relations firm. With over 35 years of experience, we partner with private and emerging public companies to maximize shareholder value through our aggressive investor and media-relations program.

We are global specialists in investor relations, branding, corporate communications and strategic services. CGC’s core emphasis is to improve our clients shareholder value through increased trading liquidity and by creating a diverse base of investors both institutional and retail. Our professionals are in close and ongoing contact with market trading activity and operations of our clients. This hands-on service approach, which is the guiding philosophy of our firm, assists us in developing and implementing a tailored strategy for each client.


Media, Written Communication, Conference: Industry, Domestic & International

U.S./Europe : Institutional, Retail-Investors, Independent Analyst Coverage, Active Market Makers

Acquisitions, Board Memberships, Financing, Exchange Up-listing

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